David Ike

Ah David Icke.

It’s impossible to really talk about David Ike on a crazy by crazy basis. The fact is that he is so nuts, so full of insane ideas and beliefs that it’s difficult to really truly wrap your head around what he is actually saying. His talks which are attended by adoring fans of his particular brand of “perspective” are done in 6 hours + stints. He once did a 13 hour lecture. I believe that only Castro ever went for longer. The audience isn’t so much persuaded as worn down.

In his books. Well his books. Oh dear.

livre _Icke.jpg

I read this book so you don’t have to

For the uninitiated let’s take a quick history of the Ike.

David Ike started off life as a footballer. Then after he did a knee he became a football commentator which somehow evolved into a job as a journalist. Which then evolved into being a minor celebrity. He did a breakfast show! Then afterwards he had what he and others call his Turquoise period. Where he wore nothing but turquoise after he lost his gig as a presenter he was basically written off as a middle class English eccentric. This was 1991. After a failed run in politics. He went on Terry Wogan’s show (wearing a turquoise parachute material jacket). This was a minor celebrity appearing on a daytime talk show to talk about what had been happening since his TV career had ended. But it didn’t go as planned. First Ike claimed that the world was going to end, then he claimed he was Jesus.


So….this is going well isn’t it?

And that’s about as straight forward as it gets with poor David.

Maybe you enjoyed the movie “The Matrix” maybe you’re a fan. I know that I am. But no matter how much you or I enjoyed the Matrix. David Ike liked it more. He must have he has based at least 3 of his books on it. I have never yet met anyone who can cogently boil down Ikes ideas into a palatable or even understandable set of concepts.

So lets try shall we?

We live in a simulation. An intrinsic part of the simulation is the Law of attraction (just like the secret!) There are reptilians (from the Draco constellation Natch) and Aliens and the Annanuki. We the sheeple, live in a state of unawareness of how the world is manipulated by groups who are reptiles and also computer programs who have no free will of their own. These people wear red dresses and are people like Tony Blair, George Bush (whatever one you like) and The Queen who is so totally a lizard it’s not funny. Some of the Lizzard people are from another dimension. Which somehow can interact with this simulation. Remember we are in a simulation. Just like the matrix. The Earth and collective human mind are manipulated from the Moon, a spacecraft and inter-dimensional portal controlled by the reptilians. The Moon Matrix is a broadcast from that spacecraft to the human body–computer, specifically to the left hemisphere of the brain, which gives us our sense of reality: “We are living in a dreamworld within a dreamworld—a Matrix within the virtual-reality universe—and it is being broadcast from the Moon.” Unless people force themselves to become fully conscious, their minds are the Moon’s mind. So we are not real. The earth and moon is not real but the world we see in this unreal universe is broadcast into our mind from the moon…and Saturn. Which is also a hollow spaceship set up by lizard people. Also 9/11 was an inside job. Vaccinations are bad, fluoride melts your pituitary gland which you need to see the lizard people, and Homeopathy works because water not only has a memory. BUT A CONCIONESS. Despite all these twists and turns and wheels within wheels, his busy talking schedule and updating his blog like three times a day. Ike still finds time to be anti-Semitic. Endorsing “The protocols of the elders of Zion” in one of this books and denying the holocaust in another.



Actual Photo

I feel like an idiot typing all that.

Stephen Fry dislikes being called a rationalist. He likes being called an empiricist because one can believe a lot of strange things and still be rational. Rationality does not speak to evidence. Stephen likes evidence for things. David seems to be the exact opposite of Stephen Fry, he probably also dislikes being called a rationalist but it would take him 5 hours to tell you why.

There is a thing in debating circles called a “Gish Gallop” named after Duane Gish a man who when arguing would spout so much that was untenable, strange or debatable that people on the opposing side were invariably at a loss as to what to tackle first. So it often seems as though he won because people just gave up. I propose that we change the name of the Gish Gallop to the Ike itinerary. There is so much to get through EVEN just in my synopsis. That one struggles to know where to being. It’s like someone has been constantly vomiting crazy since 1989 and you have only just been handed a mop.


I know, right?!

Like all purveyors of this kind of thing Ike claims “Special knowledge” and like all purveyors of this kind of thing the actual evidence is thin on the ground.

Do we live in a simulation?

Well it’s certainly possible. There is credence to the idea, so it is rational to think that we might be, but it’s one of those things that there is no actual evidence for.

But what’s my opinion? Are we living in an ancestor simulation (serious scientists and not David Ike, believe that the most likely simulation we would be living in is an ancestor simulation)? I say no.

First and foremost why would you bother to run ancestor simulations? What can a simulation do that is so interesting and yet would take up valuable computing time, a simulation is just that, it’s not 1-1 no matter how many variables you can input you are not actually generating history? If it’s a game then some people are not NPC’s but humans and human nature being what it is, I’m pretty damn sure someone would have mentioned something by now. Also, HOW DULL!

The accepted wisdom from Elon Musk, Nick Boestrum, Neil Degrass Tyson et al…. seems to be because technology moves towards being able to run ancestor simulations…….we do. Huh? I must be missing a step there. I would think that it’s much more likely that we are not in an ancestor simulation but in a game or entertainment that is VERY different from the world of whoever is generating us.

The other argument that we seem to be subjected to is that we live in such a perfect world. It must be generated.

*head desk*

And what universe are you comparing ours too?

This is the Panglossian argument that this is the best of all possible worlds. It is clearly not but it is so easy to believe because we live in it. Like the amoeba who lives in a puddle imagining that it must be designed for it. It’s the right shape, perfect size, filled with the right liquid for its thriving, it is perfect in all ways. Till it dries up.

This is anthropocentrism at its worst and yet it continues. Because humans love to imagine that we are special. Being’s running a simulation are just gods of another name. If they are running a simulation that means we are special. IF the beings are anything like us they would not be able to resist leaving clues to the fact that this is a simulation in their design.

Of course, there is no reason to fear to live in a simulation. Simulated or not I’m still living this one and only life. The important thing to remember?   Be entertaining. Then there’s no reason for them to turn it off. Perhaps that’s what David Ike is doing?

Queen Perform At Live Aid At Wembley

Of course now this guy is gone, Ike has is work cut out for him.

Is the moon hollow?

Well there was a myth that did the rounds for YEARS that when Neil Armstrong et all landed on the moon there was a clang that resounded around the moon for over 20 minutes a clang that could be heard on earth and that meant the moon must be hollow. Of course this is nonsense, we never went to the moon.

No I kid. Of course we did and there was no clang the moon isn’t hollow.

I’m not sure just how much more I want to rebut.

Are there lizard people?


Except the queen of course. She’s totally one step away from flipping her forked tongue out and snagging a passing insect.


Do we live in a prison?

Is the world just a weird 4d simulation of a prison designed to hold our consciousness except that which is transmitted from the hollow moon?

Yes. Yes we do. And yes it is. Totally. No question. I’m convinced.


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