I guess…now is as good a time as any to start bloging again.

Disenfranchised white voters have spoken they want their privilege back. They don’t want to share just in case being nice to others is a zero sum game. Anything that is not like them? They don’t want it. They want to live in a loud echo-chamber where their every thought is amplified. Even if it doesn’t really affect them. They are done. They want imperialism back in and all the little brown people out of their country.

Impervious to facts and they may have been but let’s be brutally honest with ourselves here…….

Whilst all this is true that’s not the only reason Trump got in. People are sick to fucking death of politicians who just sit back and protect the interests of their own pockets. They were desperate for someone who wasn’t a politician and…well…this is what we got. And on one level the people who voted against Clinton were right. A vote for Clinton would have been a vote for a dynasty that already has a tarnished history and much as I would have liked to have seen a female president and there probably was an element of sexism in not voting for her. There were plenty of reasons why people of good conscience would not have voted for Hillary, reasons that had nothing to do with her gender. She was not the good option. She was merely the lesser of two evils. Sadly that is thin comfort now we are stuck with the greater of two evils.

But there is something that you might need to keep in mind. Those of us that want the best for our fellow man? Those of us that want compassion to rule the day rather than hate? Those of us that want to see less war, less suffering, more love?

We have already won.

Yes, it’s not all good. But it’s the best it’s ever been. Out of all of human history, THIS is as good as it has ever been. Look I’m an optimist. I know it. And an idealist. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am right. Yes, there are setbacks. No, it’s not perfect and the some of the systems that we have put in place are failing. But if we zoom out. We have won already.

Some people who haven’t left their house since 1955 like Cori Bernardi (an Australian right wing nutjob) are having an extinction burst. You think the dinosaurs went quietly? But overwhelmingly we have already won. 75% of Australians want Gay marriage legal. And that is that 75% (an overwhelming majority considering how divided we are on politics) think that homosexuals should be on equal legal and moral standing as heterosexuals. Seriously. It’s a massive social change and something most of us can agree on.

So we have already won.

If we zoom out, even more, we see that this is the best time to be alive, people are living longer, more fulfilled lives, there is less war going on right now than there has ever been, less murder, less crime than since we started recording such things. We have more of everything good and less of everything bad and IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER. Does that mean that we should be complacent? Of course not and those that cry we can do better are right. In every way. But it’s also good to take a moment to recognise that whenever someone says something awful, yes people nod their heads but others SHOUT THEM DOWN. Every time Trump opens his mouth, yes people will agree with him but others will take issue with what he says, or more likely treat him as a national embarrassment, as a joke or ignore him and that is the worst thing that you can do to a narcissist.

You also have to remember that if you do not hear something that upsets you every day then you are not living in a free society. A free society does not mean that we all agree. A free society means that we are all free to dissent and state the reasons for our dissent in clear loud voices. Yes some of us have been silenced but our voices are being heard again. So we have already won.

We can vote in free elections where parties who have no idea what they are doing can garner votes.

Maybe it’s not enough just to say “Don’t do this” anymore. Maybe we need to be telling people why. In some ways, this could well be a good thing. Trump allows us to have conversations that perhaps we should have been having all along.

Change takes time. Social change is a large lumbering beast that never quite goes exactly where you want it to, and always takes longer than you would like. But history shows us that it does get there in the end. Hopefully, we will make it before this civilisation falls.