Our wonderful government and its fantastic communication

Does the government have a media office? A media liaison? I’m sure they do, if they don’t then I volunteer for the position. Because there is no way I could do a worse job than whoever is doing it right now.


Stop judging me!!!

Penalty rates are being take away from workers. In what some see as a first step towards the abolition of minimum wage. Don’t worry though there are good sound reasons to take away the weekend penalty rates and you can see them all listed cogently in this video that the government put out on Friday…..

Wait…no, no you can’t. Because no such video exists.

There may well be good reasons to reduce the number of penalty rates that Australian workers get. But because of the way this government functions we have to make them up ourselves. The idea that this will boost business may have merit, the idea that Australians value their Sunday less than they did 20 years ago might be something I would consider.  The idea that we live in a 24/7 economy is something I might even get behind. Except that since the government has a “You’ll suck it and you’ll like it” policy around its decisions it’s hard to see it as anything but more of its war on unions and rewarding business for just existing.


And if anyone should be rewarded just for existing it should be giant eyed, Saurians.

Frankly there are good arguments on both sides of the penalty rate debate, that’s not what I’m really writing about, what I’m writing about is the arrogance of the government and the expectation that the people will “Just go along with our decisions…. because…we are the government”. What they didn’t learn from the last Prime Minister is that you can’t just make changes for no reason. You have to sell your ideas. And you can’t go blaming the media for everything, if you want your ideas to get across, state them simply and get the message across another way. Don’t get Piney or Barnaby to get on the 7:30 report and look useless.


Or worse…..

Create media, create an argument for your reasoning.

Right now EVERYONE is doing a better job than you getting the message out that this is a bad idea. And I can list their arguments clearly. And I gotta say a lot of them are compelling. People who are on penalty rates usually need that money, it’s not like it will be affecting me or upper management. Will prices drop on products? Will service get better? Will there be more staff? Or will what happens classically just happen, “Oh look a windfall, I keep more profit and my staffing levels that I’ve been juggling for the last 3 years can remain the same, WHOOT!”. Who is it helping? Isn’t the idea to help the largest number of people? Well workers far outnumber businesses?? Also isn’t the fact that the rate does not get handed to restaurants meant that it is JUST SIMPLY a handout for big business?


Seriously…they do not.

Some might say “Well it wasn’t the government, it was Fair Work who proposed it”, sure but the government doesn’t have to take it up and I’d say if they don’t understand the decision then they shouldn’t.

As its popularity dips yet again to lower and lower levels. It might be worth the government thinking about how it communicates its message. Governing is a privilege not a right, you are there to serve not to dictate and its only when they start thinking like that will the poll numbers change.


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